What are my costs?

We charge a simple flat fee of 100 dollars a month.  That includes full web support, 2 gb of storage, and 1.5 gb of traffic.  Domain names typically run around $19.95 for a year’s registration.

What version of InDesign do I need to use NuzBot and AdSlinger?

CS3, CS4, CS5, or CS5.5 will all work.  With CS5 and newer, you can export animated Flash ads directly from InDesign to your website.

What about email…since Atomic is hosting my website can I have email, too?

Yes you can. You can have emails set up with your domain (i.e. whoever@whatever.com) and youll be given instructions on how to set up incoming and outgoing emails through our server.

What do I have to do to get this started?

Simply email us that you are interested in starting and give us the target domain name. We will build the basic site and work with you to create the art for the header, colors, categories you want (ie sports, news, church). At the same time you will be given the plug-ins and training to begin uploading stories and ads to the “hidden” site. When the site looks like you want it, we flip the switch and you are live as an Atomic News Tools site.

Can I have more than one domain name?

Yes. You can point however many you want to this website. Perhaps you have an old domain name that you’ve used, but you really want to use a different one. No problem, they both will point to the same site.

What if I don’t have a domain name, yet?

We can do that for you. Unlike the online registries, Atomic has humans, who wear clothes and can speak a phone call away to help with any problems in registering or changing domain settings.

How long of a contract do I have to sign?

Nope…no contracts.  Atomic believes in relationships with customers.  If you sign up and aren’t happy, let us know and we’ll work with you to find a solution that fits you.

How much is the setup fee?

Nada…Free…nothing.  We want to make it as simple and inexpensive as possible to get you started.  Once your site goes live you will be charged for the monthly subscriptions service of 100 dollars per month (includes 2gb storage and 150gb bandwidth).

What if I go over my 2gb of storage and 150gb of bandwidth?

First of all, that’s hard to do… but if you do, then next tier of 2gb/150gb is only $15 per month.

Can I have video on my site?

You bet!  Not only can you have video on your site, but you can have a different video on each category.  When you upload a new video to a category the old one goes into the archive so it’s still there and viewable.  You can have permalinks to the videos, too, so you can enjoy the benefits of viral marketing.



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