With NuzBot you can populate your website quickly and easily straight from your print layout.  No longer will you be wasting time transferring all of your content.  Through Indesign you can take the same professional news look your paper product has and bring it to the web within seconds.  Now you can focus on producing a better news product and generating revenue from advertising sales. We will focus on the maintenance of your website and you can spend your time running a successful paper.  Below is a video Demo of how to use NuzBot.







With NuzBot we can populate your website easily and efficiently.  Now it’s time to open up a new revenue stream for your paper.  With AdSlinger you can create, position, size, and upload your ads all through Indesign within seconds.  Everything is completely customizable through AdSlinger. You can set a time span for your ads, location on your website, and you can even set different ads for different pages. For example you might want an ad for a flower shop on your obituaries pages, while having an ad for a sporting goods store on your sports page.  AdSlinger even allows you to run multiple ads on the same location.  Below is a video demo on how to use AdSlinger.



NuzBux allows you to protect your most valuable content.  This paywall is completely customizable. You decide the number of free views in order to draw subscribers in. By adding a paywall to your website you add value to your content, open a secondary revenue stream, and are able to show advertisers the interest your website has drawn.


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